martedì 12 gennaio 2010

Custom Sickles Reunion 2010: 1/8 Miles Race and Billetproof Custom Show Rules

  • 1959 and prior TRADITIONAL style rods and customs cars ONLY
  • No visible billet anything! Especially wheels!
  • No digital gauges
  • No IFS on fenderless cars
  • No trailer queens
  • No mag wheels made after the 60's
  • No high tech styled, pastel heart beat graphic, tweed interior, fenderless IFS sporting hot rods
  • Traditional looking choppers and bobbers ONLY!


What is "traditional" style?

If you don't know what a 50's and 60's styled hot rod or custom is, look through pictures of past shows on this website to get a taste of the style. You can also refer to hot rodding magazines from the 50's and 60's. They are full of 50's and 60's styled hot rods and customs.

Why do you hate Billet parts?

We don’t. We respect the high tech side of the hot rodding world. This just isn’t the show for those style of cars. The Show is for 50's and 60's styled hot rods and customs.

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